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Soap box derby

Teams of four will be required to design, build and race a soap box car with a difference in this…

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists

Are you an aspiring scientist? Inquisitive and always asking questions? Join us for a thought…

LEGO Robotics

Coding robots using the LEGO Mindstorms system

I can see Clearly now

We live in a world made of BIG things. But how do we see ""small things"" and how is our observation…

Does it Matter?

Understand the structure of matter better.

The Basics of Evolution

Understanding the basic science of evolution.

Earth Observation – Using Satellites to Enrich Life on Earth

Learn more about satellites used for communication and navigation

Geodesy and the SKA

Radio Astronomy and Earth Measurement techniques

Virtual Laboratories

Experiment with REVEL (a Remote and Virtual Experimental Laboratory)

Life In Space

Find out what it's like to be an astronaut

Fundamentals of Coding

Fundamentals of coding that will make you an exceptional programmer

Creative Writing

Science and creativity are closely linked. Creative approaches to science can enhance innovation…

Reach Robotics

Robotics and our everyday lives.

Maths and Art Hand in Hand

Explore the connections between Mathematics and Art

Chemistry & the Periodic Table

Atoms and their relationships to the Periodic Table of Elements.

Hail Queen Modjadji!

Speaking to the clouds to make it rain

How to Preserve Plants and Animals

Preserving plants and animals to save the planet

Laboratory 4.0

The digital transformation of South African laboratories

Be a Forensic Scientist

Discover whether your lab is making fake tablets!

Can Do 4IR

Basic science as a global public vehicle to attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals

J&J Can Do Robotics

Learn the basic skills needed to use the CanDo Cube