Something Bronzie


Something Bronzie designs and makes hand-crafted jewellery, offering customers fresh designs, limited editions and good quality at affordable prices.
The gift of giving has become more significant than ever, making that loved one feel special while maintaining your distance. Customers are involved in the manufacturing process, allowing room for that personal touch.
The eclectic products – with a touch of quirk – are made through using a mix masala of elements ranging from metals to buttons, upcycled paper beads and wax cords, to name a few. With an ever-growing conscientiousness towards sustainability, Something Bronzie has taken a "re-imagine what we have" approach to design, manufacture and packaging. New ways of making the elements more durable, using sprays and non-toxic sealants are constantly being explored.
Something Bronzie believes that social projects to uplift the lives of others, especially children, should be integrated in the DNA of a brand, and the company has set up a venture with The Marion Institute Preschool in Athlone, Cape Town.
Collaboration is a significant part of the business, which believes that we truly are better together. It views collaborations as a catalyst in bringing a vision to fruition.
So let's all work together to "wear , share and make a difference": Dra. Deel. Maak 'n verskil.