Maybru Clothing


Maybru is a Seriously South African apparel and accessory brand that promotes our South African lifestyle with top-notch Locally Bru’d merchandise, a sprinkle of slang culture and some nostalgic vibes. Our love for SA makes Maybru the No 1 Bru in your possession. Cape Town found, and nationally profound, Maybru is local and lekker and adopts its free-style chilled vibe that Saffas are internationally known for. Our products include Tees, headwear, hoodies and accessories for the littlest of Bru’s to the oldest of Ballie Bru’s. Whats more, our Tees get packaged in awesome canisters and make the perfect gift for any occasion. Online orders are available to anywhere in SA. Our unique selling points include the awesome packaging that is included with the purchase of any of our tees. Another is that the manufacture and print process all happens in Cape Town! So our customers can rest assured that they are wearing a product that is Locally Bru'd! Our designs also offer a unique sense of humour and underlying pride that comes with being a South African and supporting a local brand. The manufacture process starts within the Maybru office, where we conceptualise our designs and colour palettes. We then get our t-shirt patterns made by a local Bru running his business from home in Montague. From there the patterns are sent to our local CMT experts in Epping where the actual t-shirt is cut and sewn using a combination of Cotton finishes as well as Polyester & Cotton blends. Its then off to our printers for the final step of applying our kiff designs to our t-shirts, hoodies and vests etc! All culminating in a beautifully finished garment, made proudly by the local citizens of Cape Town. Maybru is about the brotherhood of being a bosom buddy, whether its ‘Cuz’, ‘Brah, ‘Boet’, or ‘Bro’, either way, you're May Bru!