Jam Tarts


Jill has designed a hanging plant holder made from fabric, beads and cord. "It combines all my favourite things - plants, fabric, sewing, and things that hang from the ceiling! It's a product that doesn't cost the earth, that appeals to men and women, that is relatively quick and easy for me to sew (I do all my own cutting and sewing), and that appeals to local customers as well as foreign tourists. I use shweshwe and other cotton fabrics produced in South Africa, mainly purchased from Jacksons Fabrics. The wooden beads at each corner of the holder come from ProtoTrading but I hope to use ceramic beads in future, hopefully made by a local artisan. The design is simple but effective because it can be adjusted to accommodate plant pots of different sizes. It also has a transparent tray inside to ensure there's no need to remove the plant before watering (if the plant is well-established with big or long leaves, it can be tricky to disturb it). The tray ensures that water doesn't drip through (unless it's over-watered, obviously!) The entire plant holder can be washed, if required, and is also lightweight enough to be popped in a suitcase or mailed overseas (for travellers and overseas buyers). "