South African Science Lens 2020


The South African Science Lens competition celebrates the wonder of science through photography, and shows how science and art can be seamless allies in talking about the world. In 2019, the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement and the Human Sciences Research Council collaborated to present the photographic competition, celebrating all natural and social sciences. These are the top entries. For more:
Kervin Prayag’s Meowy muse took first place in the Science as Art category, with the autopsy of a deceased caracal being a muse for an artist putting together an exhibition of the landscapes, flora, and fauna of the Western Cape. Prof Bruce Cairncross saw theatrical flare in his winning Science Close-Up photo entitled Happy faces. The smiling face is in reality different inorganic geological minerals. Science in Action focuses on capturing science as it happens and the winning photo was Thilo Beck’s Small scale surgery, giving us a glimpse into the great efforts of science to help us understand ecosystems. His photo captured a tiny white-browed sparrow weaver undergoing surgery to implant a miniature data logger. Morgan Trimble won the category The Dignity of All South Africans with Newlands spring's community spirit.