South Africa & USA: Partners in Space Communication

Lectures / Olive Schreiner

An overview of the past, present, and near-future of fruitful international partnerships and shared success between USA and South Africa in space communications.

Bianca M. Rhym is a member of the Exploration Payloads Branch, Laboratories, Development & Testing Division, Engineering Directorate at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC). She is KSC’s electrical ground processing specialist for the International Space Station (ISS) program. She provides electrical engineering design, test, maintenance, troubleshooting, and support for ISS external payloads and commercial resupply service launch operations to the ISS, including critical late-stow transport and integration of science experiments and cargo into the SpaceX Dragon capsule. In addition to past Radio Frequency engineering support to the Electromagnetics Laboratory, research and technology programs and projects, she also provides electrical engineering supports for the Artemis Campaign with integration, testing, and verification for the Human Landing System program and Utilization of subject matter expertise for the Lunar Gateway’s Deep Space Logistics project.

  • Venue: Olive Schreiner
  • City: Makhanda
  • Location: 1820 Settlers Monument on Lucas Avenue, on the second floor.
  • Ticket Price: R30.00
  • Genre: Lectures
September 08, 2022   11:00 - 12:00