Plant-Based Biofuels

Lectures / Olive Schreiner

Plant-based biofuels are a sustainable resource that could be used to displace the oil consumption used in transportation such as motor vehicles and aviation. Biofuels from plants are the most abundant source of renewable fuels, enabling the production of ethanol and butanol (as gasoline additives) and long-chain hydrocarbons from starch, cellulose, hemicellulose, and oils.

Hendrick T Chikwanha holds a BEng in Chemical engineering from the National University of Science and Technology and is the Chief Executive Officer for the Association for Engineering in Science and Technology.

  • Venue: Olive Schreiner
  • City: Makhanda
  • Location: 1820 Settlers Monument on Lucas Avenue, on the second floor.
  • Ticket Price: R0.00
  • Genre: Lectures
  • Duration: 60 MIN
September 09, 2022   13:00 - 14:00