CRISPR: Rewriting DNA and the Future of Humanity

Dr. Megan Hochstrasser

  • Duration: 60min
  • Language: English
  • Ages: All Ages
  • Date: December 09, 2021 20:00
  • Recorded: Live session with recording available afterwards
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CRISPR, pronounced “crisper,” is a scientific tool that lets researchers rewrite DNA in living cells and organisms, editing the genetic code that defines life itself. Powerful real-world applications are already happening, from therapies for genetic disease to healthier crops. CRISPR expert and science communicator Dr. Megan Hochstrasser will describe how genome editing works, what it can do, and how important it is to grapple with CRISPR’s ethical implications sooner rather than later.


Megan has a B.A. in Biology from Brown University and received her Ph.D. from Jennifer Doudna’s lab at UC Berkeley in 2016, where she studied mechanisms of CRISPR immunity in bacteria. She joined the Innovative Genomics Institute in September 2016, hoping to bridge the gap between researchers and the public.

Megan develops educational resources and programs, spearheading everything from mobile app development to community event planning. She regularly gives talks to students, teachers, scientists, journalists, physicians, and more. As a CRISPR expert and professional science communicator, Megan brings diverse audiences into the conversation about genome editing.