African wisdom and education with Dr Gcina Mhlophe

Dr Gcina Mhlophe

  • Duration: 60 min
  • Language: English
  • Ages: All Ages
  • Date: February 10, 2021 20:00
  • Recorded: Live session with recording available afterwards
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Join Dr Gcina Mhlophe as she tells the story of African wisdom and education. From the earliest days, human beings have tried to explain the life’s mysteries through stories. Language has been the vehicle through which these were and continue to be shared from one community to another. Elders always derived great joy in teaching the young what they had learnt through experience.

In African society oral tradition continues to live side by side with the written word. The fact that human evolution has not stopped a child from crawling, standing and then walking…only after that can they run and acquire a multitude of skills! Wisdom is like fire, people come from far and wide to ignite and reignite their fires. Our ancient wisdoms are a science on their own and we need them today more than before. The wise elders created proverbs so that we can learn from past mistakes and not repeat them.


Gcinamasiko Arts and Heritage Trust
Dr Gcina Mhlophe


As a little girl Dr Gcina Mhlophe felt like a special garden that was constantly watered with love. It gave her all the resilience to face the hard times. Her life is that of a writer, performer and arts practitioner committed to promoting literacy in her country. She has always had a hunger for knowledge and believes that the day she stops learning is the day she stops living