Strange New World: non-spaces, imagined spaces

Looking to Imaginary worlds and fictional universes, here we explore the capturing and existence of these places within the digital realm. Through the forms of floating digital galleries and stories set amongst spaces and stars, these online spaces allow for the creation of new identities, spaces and ideas and questioning of old ones. Dilman Dila, an internationally acclaimed fiction writer, shares with us Jopolo, an interactive graphic novel that re-imagines ancient African stories about star travel, about people who came from the sky and about those who went up there. Travel through time and space with Japanese dance sensation enra, and watch as they defy the laws of physics. Questioning of physicality is explored in Refiguring Space, a web-based exhibition experience that de-contextualises the physical and encourages otherness. Frequencies of a Birthmark creates and examines imagined geographies, through the fictional character Godide and his passage, itinerary, departure and exile within the Gaza Empire. The surreal is captured in Ukuhlolwa kwePhupha, an experimental film looking at merging online, real-time and dreamscapes, and even further pushed in live performance-meets-animation Jigsaw. Here, performers interact across different continents to bring you an experience that is absurdist, scientific and human.